Loss of tyre pressure

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 10:12 pm

Most peoples automatic conclusion if they are losing tyre pressure is that they have a slow puncture however it’s not the only thing that can cause this issue and more and more commonly it can be the result of a cracked wheel rim putting pressure on the tyre wall.
Wheel rims get cracked through collision or through hitting a pothole in the road and this has become a major bugbear of a lot of drivers. The poor conditions of the roads means that often adverse weather can cause the service to crack and result in a sunken or broken area of tarmac that when hit (particularly at speed) can cause a lot of damage. Loss of tyre pressure may be the first sign you have of a cracked wheel rim so it’s worth checking your tyre pressure weekly and fully investigating any problems to be sure that any damage is not left undetected.

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